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Brian Jun-hee Chung, L.Ac

Brian Jun-hee Chung, a director of CJ Acupuncture, a highly skilled Licensed Acupuncturist offers a wide range of interventions  to his patients. His passion is to introduce Traditional Korean Medicine as the best treatment among Traditional Medicine.
Following his interest in the therapeutic value of Alternative medicine, he obtained his master's degree of acupuncture and oriental medicine at South Baylo University. In addition, he attended a special program at California College of Alternative Medicine. After expanding his professional experience through numerous multispecialty practices, he started CJ Acupuncture of Oriental Medicine.


Paul Helzer, DC

Born in Glendale, California, "Dr. Paul" as his older patients call him, is a third generation Chiropractor. After graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic, like his father, he joined the office in Bellflower in 1975. In practice now for thirty years, he has treated hundreds of cases of all nature and is well respected in both the chiropractic and medical community. He is board certified in pain management and is a fellow of the American Back Society. He is a lecturer and consultant as well as having authored several books. He was one of the first Chiropractors to obtain staff privileges at a local hospital. He is also a state appointed medical examiner and a founding member of the American College of Chiropractic Surgeons.




Erwin Lesman, DC

Dr. Lesman graduated from Palmer West College in 1992. He helps all ages with pain, or who have limited motion, to become pain-free and able to move comfortably, by means of working on their bodies without medication or surgery. He utilizes Chiropractic Techniques, Muscle Therapies, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition to help the bodies of the patients heal themselves. He is dedicated to getting people back into the physical lifestyle they deserve.
His patients know him to be compassionate, loving & always ready to teach. His mission is to educate as many families as possible on matters of health so they can make educated choice & in turn live healthy and prosperous lives.



Crystal Down Rios, Massage Therapist

Crystal began her career after receiving her first Reiki attunement in 1997. Since then she has become a Reiki master herself, and has graduated with honors from Texas massage Institute. She further built her range and skill-level by training in Thai massage with a private instructor in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She continues to study all modalities of healing touch, expanding her knowledge with training in Craniosacral Balancing and Polarity Therapy. She also loves to perform pregnancy and geriatric massage, finding the healing she provides to be very rewarding.
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