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  • Patient Name : Cyndi Davision
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung
  • Disorder : Leg Edema and pain / sinus congestion

    I have had problems with leg edema & pain for at least 25 years after car accident. But with Dr Chung's acupuncture treatment, there has been a tremendous change in swelling and appearance. The leg pain has decreased. I've also had a few injuries that acupuncture helped in healing faster. Sinuses were blocked & inflamed but with acupuncture treatments much better.
    I love Dr Chung's acupuncture treatment & will continue as long as needed.
  • Patient Name : James Ellinger
  • Disorder : Migraine Headache
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    "I had been suffering from Migraines for several months and had not been able to find real relief from the pain. I was skeptical about acupuncture, but I was desperate and was in need of relief from the migraine pain. I decided to give it a try along with chiropractic care. I was looking for an alternative to the heavy edications that where prescribed that gave little to no relief. After my first treatment with Brian I noticed
    a great difference about an hour later, my energy level had increased and my pain was gone!
    I have decided to continue my treatments with Brian and have recommended him to others."
    "You're the best, Brian!"
  • Patient Name : Susan Dean
  • Disorder : P.M.S
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    For long time, I have a terrible menstruation pain and lots of blood came out in 14 days. In addition, I have a hip pain.
    Dr Brian Chung treated me with acupuncture and herbal treatment. After treatment my condition is so good. Bleeding and pain is stopped. Hip pain also.
    I thank a lot to Dr Brian Chung for treatment he gave me.
    I'd like to recommend his treatment to my friend and neighbors.

  • Patient Name : Carmen Duran
  • Disorder : Chronic Back Pain
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    I've had chronic back pain for 25 years. I've had physical Therapy and exercises, even worn a corset for 1 year. I never heard of acupuncture from my doctors. But when it was suggested I didn't hesitate.
    Dr Brian has made me a believer. I feel so good and look forward to treatments.
    I would and have recommended this to others.
  • Patient Name : Gloria Mitchell
  • Disorder : Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    As office worker over 30 years, I have done a lot of computer job, typing. Which cause a lot of neck & shoulder pain. Pain started 27 years ago. I was not able to do much housework and activities- had to stop with needlework(cross stitches and quilting). It even hurt to hold a book to read. Because of the pain, it causes me to have high blood pressure. The blood pressure medication causes me to have indigestion problems.
    After taking acupuncture treatments with Dr. Brian- now I am able to hold books to read and can do needlework. It also has help with the indigestion. Brian has also put me on oriental herb which has also helped with the shoulder and neck pains and indigestion and high blood pressure. I appreciate all of Dr Brian's treatment & his oriental herb.
  • Patient Name : Rosendo Macias
  • Disorder : Back & Rib Pain
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    I have had total back & Rib pain for several years. There was no injury, no car accident. It just happened and get worse. My Kaiser doctor recommended take acupuncture. After take Dr Chung's treatment, I've noticed the acupuncture helps a great deal. I can walk more normally without pain after getting acupuncture, otherwise I would be walking slowly with pain.
    "Thank you Dr Chung for making my lives so much more free from pain and making it a pleasure to face each day!
  • Patient Name : Melvin Rice
  • Disorder : Heel pain
  • Doctor : Brian JunHee Chung

    At first, I was skeptical about acupuncture. But now I believe. I had a painful right heel for months and could not walk without limping from pain.
    Dr Brian save me with acupuncture treatment and the pain has completely subsided.
    Now, I believe in the acupuncture treatment and would recommend his treatment to family, friends and you!
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